Open Office makes me think and Office 2007 doesn’t

In my office, I have all Open Source Software on my machine (Thunderbird, Open Office), except the Operating System which is Windows XP Professional. But I guess in time even that will change, thanks to user-friendly Ubuntu. Till now, no problem with these OSS, until I used Open Office Impress to make a presentation. Even… Continue reading Open Office makes me think and Office 2007 doesn’t


The Real Entrepreneur

I attended the NASSCOM Product Forum, Pune on 25th September, 2008, where they unveiled  ‘NASSCOM Software Product Study’.The Study was quite informative, but there was a concern that the companies profiled in the study were mostly existing since 3-5 years. For me, it did not exactly reflect the pain points faced by companies in their… Continue reading The Real Entrepreneur


Light and Darkness

As an entrepreneur, I need some inspiration from time to time. The source for this comes from non-fictional books (some fictional also) and blogs. Its interesting and comforting to read about people who have been in similar situations like yours during their journey and eventually found success. You could relate to them and their situations/circumstances.… Continue reading Light and Darkness


Thank You For Calling, Have A Nice Day

I just called Airtel to register my Home Landline for National Do Not Call (NDNC). When I say ‘just called’, I meant I called them at midnight (too busy to do these things during the day!).  I called from my house in Pune, India and am sure the call was received by some Indian working… Continue reading Thank You For Calling, Have A Nice Day

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Don’t Be Evil ??

Just noticed this message while logged into my Orkut account using Firefox Browser. I knew this will happen sometime, when Google will try to push Chrome through its Web Products and Services. In due time, I might see this message on my Google Reader, then Blogger (and all, and finally on Google Search Page… Continue reading Don’t Be Evil ??


Camped at PHPCamp Pune

Pune was host to lot of  tech-events over the last weekend. Not only that, the participation at these events is also increasing, which is a good sign for the city. I have attended the last two BarCamps in Pune and as yet, the response has been satisfactory, not phenomenal. Until last week, on 20th September,… Continue reading Camped at PHPCamp Pune